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is pleased to provide services
for your specialty needs.

Agent of
Lucite Tombstones
Acrylic Mementoes
Closing Gifts, Ad Specialties

Copies of our catalog can be
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Universal Specialties (UNISPEC)
412 N Main St., Suite 100
Buffalo, WY 82834



Universal Specialties (UNISPEC), provides services for your Ad Specialty needs. Unispec has catered to the promotional needs of the Financial Printing, Corporate and Banking Communities for more than a quarter century.  

Whether it be for closing gifts as mementos for special financings that you may participate in, items for marketing or public relations, or holiday gifts, we can assist you in deciding what selection would best suit your particular promotional occasion. 

The type of transactions we have created Acrylic Mementoes for are initial public offerings (IPO's), mergers, acquisitions, limited partnership formations, senior note facilities, bond issues and many others in both the corporate and municipal markets.

Be assured that we are especially sensitive to the quality and timing that you require and we will do our utmost to process any order in a way that will please you and your client.


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